About Peter

Peter is studying thoughts issues since 2000. He labored in revenue for Microsoft for ten years, where the pressure of "Corporate America" triggered him to analyze his priorities in lifestyle. He started having health problems around 2019 that cannot be resolved by the standard medical style of-of "Marketing Technology".

Naturopathy is a subject of normal wellness that attempts to get the reason for imbalances within the body that lead to signs, and train individuals on lifestyle modifications and the rules they are able to make to to fix these imbalances.

His assignment will be to make a significant and positive difference in people's lives by sharing the info he has studied on health remedies through speaking engagements together with individual customer sessions distant and local. He brings customers that have an interest in researching strategies to harmony body, mind and nature, and taking accountability for his or her well-being.

Peter' Journey Balance publication is currently available from Amazon, Barnes along with other e-book vendors in both e-book and print formats.